Toner cartridge pricing has repeatedly increases these past years since 2009 until today. During the same day period, the cost per Toner of top Vendors has risen anywhere from 4 percent to 30 percent. The rate of inflation has increased by 7 percent. The starting of 2019 has become a tough year for any business segment. However, there is no way that the price rising of the cartridge can be stopped now. Therefore, the only solution that we could ask for is going for remanufactured.

Rise prices of crude oil and pressure on the availability of materials have become few of the factors in increasing toner cartridges price. This, in turn, had led major ink manufacturers to announce their price to increase. Jadi Imaging is also affected by this issue and has been facing a crucial situation that makes us reflects on our productivity. That is why we have decided to improve our production because we know that our client needs us the most in this tough economic situation. 

The only solution is to make an alternative purchase from third-party toner cartridge manufacture. Yes, it is undeniable to say that some company still doubt about remanufactured and compatible product quality. For that reason alone, the brand of your printer will claim that you may shorten the life span of your printer by using these generic cartridges. This is simply not true! Remanufactured and compatible cartridge charges reasonable prices for their cartridges. One of the biggest controversies surrounding these generic cartridges is how much ink is left over in the cartridge when printer models shut down due to “low ink.” Some cases have shown that 40% of the expensive ink you paid for is left over in that ‘dead cartridge’ you are about to replace!

 Did you know that by using new compatible cartridges, average savings from 30-40% per toner… sometimes even more than 50% can be observed! After all, it’s a common knowledge that brands don’t make their money on their printer sales, but make huge profits about misleading information on remanufactured and compatible cartridges manufacturer.

The starting of 2019 has been a tough year for the small as well as the emerging company in Malaysia. We at Jadi is determined to give our best to help our client in a way that they can reduce the cost of printing in their business operation. Being a sole producer of compatible cartridge producer in Malaysia since 1993 has given us the responsibility to help company that wants to boost their productivity while keeping the operation cost low.