Jadi’s Green Initiative: Eco-Friendly Green Toner

The development of innovative environmental technologies is now the key effort of many global companies to reduce the environmental impact from their business activities. This includes imaging solution companies in the imaging industry, where resource conservation, recycling and energy saving are the main areas that could contribute in preserving the environment. The OEMs are already gravitating towards this direction and will continue to develop their hardware and consumables to be environmental friendly. For instance, Canon, HP and Konica Minolta are designing their chemically prepared toner (CPT) to have a lower fusing temperature characteristic which helps to reduce energy consumption; Ricoh, on the other hand, has developed a biomass toner which is biodegradable; Kyocera Mita and Brother have also incorporated a toner waste free design in their image development system; While Samsung and Lexmark are introducing more eco-conscious features in their latest range of laser printers. There will simply be no room for energy-hogging and environmentally harmful machines in today’s green office environment.

Jadi recognizes and understands the importance of this imminent industrial revolution towards greener products. Hence, initiatives have been taken by its R&D team to research on advanced “green” materials for use in toner formulations since 2005. Just recently, Jadi’s research team has achieved a breakthrough in incorporating natural oil based chemicals into its toner formulation. This greener toner product will help to conserve non-renewable fossil fuels through reducing the use of petroleum, which is the main source of raw materials for toner preparation. Being carbon-neutral, the incorporated green material will also help to reduce the net amount of CO2 emission in every print cycle and ultimately, reduce the effects of global warming.

In terms of print performance, the properties of Jadi’s green toner matches perfectly with the latest printer series that require toners with lower fusing temperature design. This characteristic not only improves the toner fixing performance but also amplifies the gloss level of the print without compromising on its anti-offset property and resistance to heat.

Jadi is proud to be the pioneer of this green technology in the aftermarket. Patents of intellectual property have been filed for this proprietary know-how and product commercialization through mass production is currently underway. Moving forward, Jadi will continue to develop and introduce more green toner technologies and products which will lead to a sustainable future for our environment.