Jadi Research & Development Centre has started the research program on Chemically Produced Toner (CPT) since 2005. The research is conducted through collaboration with the Chemistry Department of University of Malaya (UM), a premier university in Malaysia. Through years of research, Jadi has successfully built a strong team of researchers and engineers to carry out extensive R&D work on CPT. Highly skilled researchers coupled with substantial investments in advanced technology and research facilities enable Jadi to transform its technological know-how into commercial products. With Jadi’s experience in toner processing technology and the extensive research on basic chemistry of polymer science, CPT will be another landmark product for Jadi in addition to its existing wide array of high quality conventional toner products.

CPT is widely produced by OEMs for color, monochrome laser printers and copiers. Recently, through advanced CPT processing technology, OEM has moved a step forward by engineering magnetic monochrome CPT. The unique and advanced properties of CPT which include excellent control of particle shape and size, better loading of waxes and higher print performance, would make CPT more appealing. With the future of laser printing technology trending towards energy saving designs and environmentally friendly features, CPT would be the preferred choice for its lower fusing characteristic to meet the stringent fusing requirements of tomorrow’s laser printers and copiers.

On the environmental front, the production of CPT is “greener” as compared to the pulverized process. It is estimated that CPT process consumes about 30% less energy and could potentially reduce the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Jadi will continue to invest in CPT research to remain ahead in the rapidly evolving toner technology. This is in line with Jadi’s core strategy to be globally competitive and to deliver consistently high quality products to its worldwide customers.