Recycling is a practice that we often heard about. How about execution? Have we been thinking about what will happen to our mother earth if we keep on stockpiling? Be it at the workplace or school, several campaigns about recycling showcase the benefit of the practice. An item such as plastic, bottle caps, paper, and even cartridge, are all designed to be reused again.

Benefit the environment

We frequently were given false information about the cartridge. Some expert advice to throw it away after it’s finished, because it will void your printer warranty. This is simply not true. The cartridge has been identified as one of the biggest contributors for water and air pollution.  Just as we discussed, the cartridge doesn’t decompose well and will take hundreds of years to be decomposed.

Reducing cost

There are several points that I included when we think about recycling. The importance of recycling is often forgotten that leads to millions of cartridge been thrown away, even though most are able to be reused. Going for remanufactured toner cartridges not only benefits the environment, as the whole process is also an economical one. As the cartridges are remanufactured, there is no need for the resources that were initially used for its manufacture. This has led to a remanufactured cartridge price is affordable.

Preserve the resources

The production of these cartridges is heavily dependent on natural resources. For instance, in producing a new toner cartridge, several liters of oil is utilized. By recycling the cartridges we could save quite a few million liter of oil. Along with oil, there are some other precious resources like paper and aluminum that will be saved simultaneously.

Stimulate economy creating more jobs

As more and more cartridges are recycled, the local small scale businesses will be able to purchase and convert them to be remanufactured, re-filled or compatible cartridges. Jadi Imaging took this opportunity since 1993 by being the world-class toner manufacturer. By avoiding the cartridges from getting accumulating in the landfills cartridge must be reused and remanufactured. Having a look at the current economy this will prove to be very beneficial.

The overall manufacturing cost will automatically reduce that will allow the small companies to sell the remanufactured cartridges at an affordable cost. The recycled cartridges sold by these companies are according to the standards that are followed by the original manufacturer.

Came with a warranty

Jadi Imaging remanufactured ink cartridges will offer you a warranty on it. In case, if the cartridge faces any kind of flaws these companies also replace the cartridge or will offer you a refund. There are a number of sellers on various online portals that offer recycled ink cartridges nowadays. These sellers have direct contact with the re-manufacturers that enable them to keep massive inventories of cartridges. By buying from a well-known and reputed seller you will be able to ensure the quality of them. I hope that the information stated in the post will give you an idea towards recycling