Looking After Your Cartridges

How you handle your printer cartridges is important for two different reasons, firstly, even cartridge is installed with a tough plastic exterior, cartridges can be very fragile when put under the heavy/ strong kind of pressure, with any cartridge damage likely to result in a loss of print quality and resulting malfunction of the cartridge. Secondly, faulty cartridges can pose very real health hazards, with strict precautions necessary taken.

As a general rule, cartridges should never be exposed to extreme heat temperatures while the expiry date should also naturally be adhered to. In terms of handling your cartridge, common sense should always be applied. For example, excessively shaking your cartridge or dropping it onto a hard surface could damage it irreparably. While meddling with the cartridge’s cover or pulling out a cartridge while the printer is in use, are both usually bad ideas.

In terms of your personal safety, if cartridge toner powder comes into direct contact with your skin or eyes, it’s extremely important to wash and rinse out the respective areas immediately. However, if you happen to ingest any of the ink powder, it is absolutely crucial that vomiting is induced to remove it from your system, while it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor.

Cartridges may seem straight forward and don’t exactly hit you as outrageously dangerous at first glance, however, handling them both properly and carefully can save you all kinds of difficulties.