All in one printer also to be known as a multifunction printer is designed to eliminate the need for separate copier, fax machine, scanner, and printer. An MFP combines this function into one piece of equipment. If you’ve looked around at your local computer shop and are wondering if you should invest one, here are some of the benefits and features you should forward to.

All in one advantage

You will experience the convenience of having the functionality of four office devices in one.  You can scan a document, save it in USB drive via Bluetooth and Wifi, print it out, make copies, or even fax a document directly to your client.

Before a multifunction printer was invented, you need four separate devices to perform these tasks.  All in one printer makes perfects sense for people to work in a compact office environment–especially a home office.

Save time and space.

Since one machine is a Multi-Function Printer, it saves a lot of floor spaces. This is beneficial in a home and office setting. Devices and printing equipment produces clutter, so anything to lower that space allotment is beneficial. Due to multifunction nature, typically MFP operates faster than a normal printer. This speed comes from the multitasking nature of the printer. Compare this to the tedious process of normal printing, fax, photocopy and you see how an all in one printer will save you valuable time. – As they say, time is money.

Initial cost saving

Staying on budget and optimizing the printer efficiency is the main criteria and speaking of money, wouldn’t you rather spend less of in MFP that combines four functions of office devices instead of buying them individually?  If you are planning to buy a scanner, printer, fax machine, or copier, you may find it affordable to own an all in one printer (MFP).

With the quality of multi-function printer increasing as their prices become competitive among top printer brands, these all in one devices becoming must-have equipment for small to medium-sized businesses. Now that you know more about the features and benefits of MFP, you may consider it for future business.