Online Marketplaces play an important role these days for buyers and shoppers alike. Lazada and Shopee are the two top and most powerful e-commerce marketplaces in Southeast Asia. Both of these online stores can help sellers gain exposure for their products and these marketplaces also get the benefit of an expanded variety of products without introducing any new inventory as these online stores act as a bridge between sellers and buyers

It’s an online platform that serves as a big supermarket for Malaysian to get any items from a single pen to a car.  Yes, we can buy a car online! Aren’t we amazed by how advanced the internet and technology? Throughout these past 5 years, current shopping trends constantly changed, where people seldom going out to the mall as we prefer to lay back at home and wait for the parcel.   Nowadays everything is online; all you need is a smartphone to make simple research and read the review before buying anything.

Malaysian people do love a cheap item, based on recent research by Lazada. Top of the list for Malaysian buying traits is a cheaper product, reasonable pricing and perhaps multi-purpose use too. Meanwhile, the USA and Japan national look for better customer service when it comes to online purchase. Realizing this trend, in 2016 Jadi launched their E-commerce website to give Malaysian variety choices for their printer cartridge.

Due to this day, Jaditoner has listed hundreds of product at Lazada and Shopee such as toner cartridge, bulk toner, ink bottle toner, and ink syringe. Simply key in the ‘Jaditoner’ for all product listing or call our customer support for guidance. With our price low as RM15.00 for ink bottle up to RM 344.30 for compatible toner CYMK set. I know Malaysian can’t resist getting this high-quality cartridge on the best deal.  

Review from our customer that purchased through Lazada, most of them is satisfied with the service efficiency and 100% of the items are received in good condition. Before I forgot, we do give customer 1 on 1 life warranty. At JadiToner website, you can personally request and customized on how the product packaging should be made. Whether it is bubble wrap or fully wrapped, let us know the way you want to be received.  

Don’t forget we do give some corporate gift and voucher to our lucky customer.  Look out for the latest update and promo.