Every business needs a printer whether an entrepreneur, startup and home business owner they need to print documents, but the range of printers that are available online can turn to choose and using a printer is quite a frightening task.

Luckily, once you learn the basics, you be able to grasp the most value from your business printer Just follow our do and don’ts

Do – Study about your printers

You need to choose between inkjet and laser printers.

Both of these printers need to replace ink cartridge from time to time, most of them print out paper with an average speed of 50 sheets per minute. This is the minimum speed for any businesses required.


•    Inkjet printers are usually cheaper upfront, but more costly to operate. If you don’t print much, it can be the more affordable option

•    More suitable to print a photo, diagram, chart and other detailed because they produce a sharp, clear printed product.

•    Due to the photo printing, inkjet printers consume quite numbers of ink in the proses


•    Laser printers are better for printing documents. If you want to keep the cost low per pages as possible. Go for laser printers.

•    They tend to faster (printing more pages per minute) and are more cost effective because of their toner cartridges last longer 

Don’t – Choose a printer that costs too much in the long run – go for all in one printer

With different type and brand for printers choosing your business printer become difficult, by knowing your priorities and business nature will help you out.

It’s essential to compare the cost of printers and their replacement cartridges before you buy. Take note don’t be surprised by cartridge prices.

Do – Get the most value out of your printer

Finally, once you have your printer up and running, here are some hints for using it economically:

•    Preview before you print – this will help you avoid wasted pages with poor formatting

•    Stick to black and white and set it to save ink mode in your computer – avoid using color printing it uses more ink and isn’t always necessary

•    Use your printer’s cleaning function – this will keep printer heads clean and improve ink consumption

When it comes to ink cartridges, Oem product is quite expensive. You need to figure out for another option.  At JadiToner, you can choose for affordable toner cartridge which been remanufacture by our own factory.

Malaysia we do have our own cartridges factory thus making us sell it at affordable price

If you would like more advice on choosing the right printer for your office, contact us today.