Around the world printer cartridge prices are increasing at an unhealthy rate. Both brand cartridge and generic cartridge are affected by this current trend. People may become more selective about what they decide to print, but inkjet and a laser printer are still a must-own tool for any business communication.

At such, selections of cartridges are an important business decision, from financially to operationally perspective.  The top question we frequently been asked, what is the functional difference between branded HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother etc and generic cartridge, which are made by a third-party manufacturer.


The most advantages feature for the generic cartridge is their overwhelming low prices. After that, it’s the only reason they exist in the first place. Many generic cartridges are 70% cheaper than their branded counterparts

There are two reasons for this issue. Brand printers cartridges are produced with a strict control procedure thus generating in higher-cost operation and printer companies use a business model that involves selling the printer at a reasonable low price so everyone can afford it and then using the supplies for the printer as primary revenue.


The quality control standard during production used by branded cartridges gives advantages in this area. However, in many cases, generic cartridges producer such as Jadi Imaging has begun improving their quality control standard to reach the international standard requirement. Text quality is barely noticeable between generic and brand. Generic cartridges also tend to have a higher quality consistency over a thousand prints work. This has been proven with Jadi Imaging research and development factory.


In conclusion, there is no winner for both parties. It all depends on your organization’s needs from its printing facilities. If they’re being used for high volume printing, then generic cartridges are probably the ideal solution plus their lower prices. On the other hand, if you need your printer to last longer and have good printing quality such as (design firm, advertising agency), then you can stick to the brand. Bear in mind the price difference between both manufacturers.